How To Go About Vacuum Sealing Your Valuables For A Boat Trip And Picnic?

Just when a person thought that his or her FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer couldn’t get any better, as well as, far more useful for the great outdoors. The truth is this. It still does have more surprises left to be revealed. Some of them will be shared here. What a vacuum sealing system can be is truly an angler’s best friend of all. Why is that? The answer is clear. It is the ideal thing to use for sealing up fish and helping to keep them nice and fresh. It can be also be used to consolidating all of the items that you have to carry around in a backpack too. It can also serve to protect one’s valuables as well too.

Everyone has a tendency to bring one or more things on a boat that would most definitely get destroyed by submersion in water. Therefore, with this said, the best offense is a good defense so to speak. What does this mean? It means what it means. It doesn’t matter if it is your cellphone, jewelry, or your wallet. Carrying those items around are something that can indeed create anxiety while trying to relax and enjoy your boat trip.

Not anymore though

What does this mean? It means you no longer have to be worried, frustrated, or be concerned in any way about your valuables being destroyed by water. You can just take a deep breather and unwind from this point forward. Why is that? The answer is clear. It is because of this. You can seal up your most precious of all valuables in the very same way that you would a plate of pork chops. You can then hit the water worry-free from that moment on. Simple as all that.

Put Your Trust In The Power of the Vacuum Seal

It is going to take far more than just some mere water to try to break into your FoodSaver bag or roll. The multi-layer construction that it does have is something that creates its own impenetrable barrier that water and air can’t intrude into on the average. What this means is this. You can splash a bag that holds your cell phone as many times as you desire to do. You can also go wading into water with your cell phone inside of your pocket and not have a care or worry in the world about doing it.

 You can indeed pack up all the electronics. However, do seal other things, and some of these other things do include fire starters. The very same can be done for dry foods and are anything else that would tend to normally get ruined by just a bit of moisture on it. What’s great about it is this. It is ideal for fishing trips that are in shallow water and hiking if you believe that it may rain. Learn more about Foodsaver products at

However, there are some other expert tips, which you should keep in mind for those deep sea expeditions. They are these. They are:

Seal The Item Up And Don’t Vacuum Any Air Out

Any item that has been tightly sealed vacuum-wise is something that just as vulnerable, as is, any other item that has been tossed overboard into the blue water itself. Why is that? The answer is clear. Car keys, cell phones, and any other form of electronic device will be something that will sink to the bottom of the water just like a stone. You will then need lots more than just mere scuba gear to help you retrieve them if they are a few hundred yards offshore in location.

What is the solution here? The answer is abundantly clear. You should make your valuables float. Your most precious of belongings such as these can be sealed within a FoodSaver bag. It can be sealed up safely without having to suck out all of the air that is inside of the bag itself. It will help to provide an airtight and waterproof seal that has very little air content inside of it. If the bag is sealed correctly, and the item contained isn’t too dense, that very air will prove to be the one thing to keep the valuables floating right on top of the surface of the water. This would end up being a good fate for any valuable item that is accidentally tossed over or falls over into the water. You can test the buoyancy of the sealed item before you even take the trip. You will not have to spend your fun time worrying about the safety of your valuables or fearing those waters ever again.

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